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New technologies you can profit from – Cryptocurrencies gives you an opportunity to earn money in long term. Their growth in value and popularity has shown huge increase over last years. Don’t set yourself aside of them. Start mining 7 different cryptocurrencies with us and earn real money on it.

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About us

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone is brave enought to make them come true. How many such people do you know? We know some of them too. That is why we were prepared for risk. The road we went were not easy, but success is exactly what have motivated us each day. There was no space for any doubts, although we have started new work many times. We did it, now we are Rockwall.

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Our Advanges



We connected the best tactics and strategies to create a truly extraordinary living organism. Every part of our company cooperates with another one but each and every one of them can live separately on its own.



Humans make mistakes, automated processes don’t. We perfected all of them and turned the whole machine into a perpetuum mobile. What’s even better - you’re behind the steering wheel.

For Everyone


No matter where you’re from or what’s your gender or skin color. As long as you have an internet connection, you can benefit from this opportunity too.



We know that credibility is the most important factor for an online investment business. We won’t tell you that we deserve your trust. In this case we will let our actions speak for ourselves.

Our product and services

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Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining away from home is possible. You don’t need miners or mining pool to get it. We have both! Start your adventure with cloud mining and become Master of Rockwall.

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Passive Income INTEGRA

We are using latest mining algorithms like Proof of Stake, Proof of Capacity or Proof of Work as well as Masternodes to make it happen for you. The bottom line is - we only use those technologies that we entrust our own money with and those that have proven they actually work.

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Invite your friends to fill the Shields and get rewards. Each shield gives you boost for Mining Plan, new shields for free and another benefits. Choose yours today and start building your team right now!