Minimum investment is $25.

Minimum you can withdraw is $50.

Wallets and addresses for cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, LSK, BCC, LTC you can set up for example in bitbay.net

You can only have 1 account from single IP address.

Any attempts to sell an account will result a permanent ban.

You can purchase them in any cryptocurrency exchange, for example bitbay.net

After receiving appropriate documents we will cease the account according to the The Last Will, lawyers or close relative advice.

Earnings from Mining Plans are credited to user's account every monday.

Yes, in this case your mining power will be transferred to other cryptocurrency. From the change arranged on our side we will update your account with amended contract and earnings in two weeks.

All mining earnings are split between all users according to their active MH/s.

Mining earnings are credited to your account according to the cryptocurrency for which you purchased plan for. However there is possibility to exchange that currency to USD in our Internal Exchange to allow USD withdrawal or further investments inside platform.

In order to withdraw you would need to follow the instructions below: Please click "Dashboard" tab and move to "Withdraw Funds". Choose the amount by typing it in the field provided, select payment processor, accept Terms and Conditions and click "Send Funds" button. NOTE: REMEMBER TO SET YOUR WALLET ADRESS IN "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" PRIOR TO SENDING WITHDRAWAL REQUEST

You can currently use the following payment processors in our platform:

It depends of the method you choose:
- Rockwall Bitcoin Standard - estimated (approximate) expected time is around 96 hours and withdrawal should be processed shortly after our confirmation.
- Rockwall Bitcoin Express - estimated (approximate) waiting time is around 36 hours and withdrawal should be processed shortly after our confirmation

It depends of the withdrawal method you choose:
- Rockwall Bitcoin Standard withdrawals are reduced by 3% or 5$ fee (whichever is higher)
- Rockwall Bitcoin Express withdrawals are reduced by 8% or 10$ fee (whichever is higher)